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Creative people do actually see the world differently. Here's why

Creative people do actually see the world differently. Here's why
People with creative personalities really do see the world differently, according to new research.


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The concept of creativity

The concept of creativity

The main idea to the concept of creativity is that some people see more possibilities than others.

  • One way creativity is measured is by using divergent thinking tasks where you are required to produce as many uses as possible from simple objects.
  • The aspect of our personality that appears to direct our creativity is called 'openness to experience.'
  • The curiosity of people high in openness may lead them to see more than the average person.


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Creative vision

Research found that open people don't just bring a different perspective, they really see things differently.

A visual perception phenomenon is called binocular rivalry - where two different images are presented to each eye simultaneously, such as a red patch to the right eye and a green to the left eye. The observer will flip between seeing one patch, then the other. Open people see both images at once, creating a fused or scrambled image.



Seeing things that others miss

Inattentional blindness is a perceptual phenomenon. People experience this when they are so focused on one thing that they fail to see something else.

Your susceptibility to inattentional blindness depends on your personality; open people are more likely to see things that others overlook.



Opening our minds

Personalities are not fixed, and people with uncreative personalities can broaden the limited views.

Openness also increases for students who choose to study overseas. But openness has been linked to aspects of mental illness, such as a tendency to hallucinate.




Pablo Picasso

"Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not."

Pablo Picasso

The concept of creativity

The central concept of creativity is that some people are open to examine things from all angles and visualize more possibilities.

The part of our personality that seems to drive our creativity is called openness to experience. Openness best predicts performance on varying thinking tasks, on real-world creative achievements, as well as engagement in daily creative pursuits.

Creative vision

Research found that open people don't just bring a different perspective; they really see things differently.

The research findings suggest that open people's creative tendencies are ingrained in their basic visual perception. Open people may have inherently different experiences to other people.

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Open-minded people are more creative

A recent study has shown that open-minded individuals tend to be more creative and willing to have new experiences. 

The result led to the idea that this kind of people have the t...

Open-minded people are more focused

A recent study has come to the conclusion that open-minded persons possess the ability to focus on different things at the very same moment. 

Even if there are distractions around them, these individuals still manage to concentrate and see everything that is going on in the room and, so, they are less prone to the so-called 'inattentional blindness'.

Our personality and perception of the world

Research has proven that individuals' personality plays an essential role in the way they perceive the world. 

Therefore, it is very probable that our perception of the world changes at the same time with our personality.



While some people are born creative, it is possible to acquire this skill. The right conditions and the right training can make everyone creative, in their own unique way.

As we move from t...

Traits Of Creative People

  • In various studies, it is found that creative people tend to be more driven, impulsive, and self-confident.

  • They are less conventional and unorthodox in many aspects of life.

  • Openness to new ideas, curiosity and disagreeableness comes as common traits of creative individuals, as they are opposite of normal or popular, and like Steve Jobs, are a prickly personality.

Steps Of The Cognitive Process

Creativity can be learned as a cognitive skill using the following steps:

  • Preparation: The basic rules, languages, and instructions in any skill.
  • Incubation: When ideas wander in your brain's neural network, lost in the wild.
  • Illumination: This is the Aha! Moment, the light bulb coming on.
  • Verification: Where it is verified that the idea is real or just a random dream without legs.