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How to Find Meaning in a Job That Feels Meaning-less

How to Find Meaning in a Job That Feels Meaning-less

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Your "why" matters

Your "why" matters

It doesn’t matter how big your paycheck is or what your title is to find meaning in your work.

What matters is 'why'. Figure out what you care about to give you direction and that sense of purpose.

  • “Why do you wake up in the morning?"
  • "How will you make an impact?"
  • "How can you put your talents and gifts to use?"


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Identify and embrace your purpose

Consider your personality and interests and think thoughtfully about how you want your skills to help others.

Maybe you’re an outgoing content marketer who wants to start using your data research skills more to come up with a strategy.

You’re looking for an overlap between all three—personality, interests and skills. Then you'll be able to more accurately integrate your purpose into your current position.


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You’re never going to get anywhere or accomplish anything if you don’t make an effort.

Building a life that matters requires participation.


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For every question, there is an answer. For every problem, there is a solution. For everything else, there is an explanation.

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