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Why hip hop should be used to teach

Why hip hop should be used to teach


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Why hip hop should be used to teach

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Hip Hop Education

In The US, there is a growing movement towards Hip Hop education, with the music style which is generally associated with breakdance and graffiti being used for self-expression, better social life, fitness and professional development.

Hip hop music has mostly been a patchwork of sample tracks from other songs, and the same philosophy has been a part of various schools and universities in the US, where it is encouraged to pick and choose ideas from other places rather than sticking to a rigid formula.


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Engaging critically in sociological concepts (like female genital mutilation, honour killings, forced marriage) using spoken word, rap, dialogue and similar mediums of expression is the staple of many workshops.


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Political and cultural discussions can be taught and discussed using hip hop, as many pop artists and activists use this catchy medium to garner attention to causes that are relevant in today’s world.

Beyoncé, for instance, used her Super Bowl performance to highlight issues faced by black people. Young adults learn much faster if the medium of expression and style used is familiar and entertaining.


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