Un-official guide on “How to start writing today?” - Deepstash

If you had an urge, a surge in mood, a longing to pen down your thoughts and you shied away. Let’s see what we can change in the mindset to cross the barrier. First of all it is is not easy to write, at least for me. Heck it is difficult to start anything new. The amount of resistance is immense. Let’s hack together at some of them.

Start small:

Lets’ just write down a few sentences. Lets’ cap it to 3 sentences. Remember those mini assignments “Write 5 lines on cow”.

Book a slot for writing. Start your calendar app and book a recurring slot for writing. This would be a dedicated window for writing. Bring it in your routine.

  • Writing phase: Dump your thoughts don’t enter into the edit mode. Just keep writing. When you stop for editing you break the thought flow. Modern day editors are also not helpful with distracting red lines and auto correct suggestions. No wonder lot of artists are seen with typewriters or pen and paper to write in the movies.
  • Editing phase: Edit like you have not written it. Go over the documents mercilessly, removing what is not required. Remember all the good tools you learned while reading. Bring them here.



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