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What Is Opportunity Cost

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What Is Opportunity Cost

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Becoming lifelong learners

Becoming lifelong learners

To become lifelong learners, we may find it hard to break away from the traditional education paradigm. One way to unshackle our self-education is to grab hold of the opportunities for unbounded learning.

  • Bounded learning is based on a fixed curriculum and contains specific educational outcomes.
  • Unbounded learning embraces ongoing personal growth that is fuelled by continuous education. It is based on strategies and tools that foster curiosity.


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The benefits of unbounded learning

  • Unbounded learning cuts out the "middleman" of traditional knowledge providers. It instead encourages students to directly access the best content from various institutions or independent teachers relevant to their goals.
  • Serendipity. By allowing your education to branch off in any direction, you may discover new areas of interest that you could not have predicted.
  • You will not be restricted to specific sources or formats but can explore concepts from various angles (podcasts, books from an expert, YouTube etc.).


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Unbounded learning is a mindset

  • You believe and accept that you are in control of your educational journey.
  • Everything you learn is connected.
  • New patterns of thought develop over time.
  • Learning together is more beneficial than learning on your own.


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How to unbound your education

  • Study the source material of any interesting article or book you read.
  • Mix and match the content to fit your needs. Don't stick to just one course or book. Try different platforms, formats, and educators.
  • Use thinking tools for unbounded learning. Some note-taking tools are not designed only for linear thinking but support new patterns of thought.
  • Learn with others, whether with a study buddy or a Twitter account, document your learning journey and ask questions.
  • Practice self-reflection. Metacognition is essential and can take the form of journaling.


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