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A cultural history of the beloved corner shop

A cultural history of the beloved corner shop

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The comfortingly handy corner shop

The comfortingly handy corner shop

  • The British corner shop dates back to Victorian times and represents a humble but steady trade.
  • While there are obviously national/regional variations in set-up, the corner shop surely serves a universal, relatable need. Most of us have grown up around the comfortingly handy corner shop. These family-run shops are good for impromptu ingredients or sweets.
  • When so much suddenly changes about everyday life, we’re still innately drawn to whatever seems most familiar. The ubiquitous local store has emerged as a comforting landmark amid the chaos of the pandemic.


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The corner shop setting

The corner shop is also a cornerstone of pop culture: The cosy setting of a corner shop is often part of soap operas, sitcoms and movies as the centre spot for gossip.

The corner shop also shows the vital role of immigrant shopkeepers. TV newsreader Babita Sharma's book, The Corner Shop, is a real account of her own British Asian family owning and running a Reading shop.


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The adaptability of the corner shop

Under 'normal' circumstances, the family-run corner shop often provides groceries, hardware supplies, a deli, a video rental, and a newsagent. When the pandemic began, these mom and pop stores were part of organising supplies and provisions for those in need.

"The things you see behind the cash register encompass the whole human spectrum, from absolute generosity to plain greed" – Amna Saleem


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