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Rural Ain’t That Backward

Rural Ain’t That Backward

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Rural Ain't That Backward

Rural Ain't That Backward

  • Most of the working ones are up by 5 and they are out for work by 7. It’s not something uncommon here.
  • Though it’s considered and displayed in Bollywood, I’ve never seen a man denying to cook or a woman denying to plow the fields merely because of their gender.
  • Almost all of the houses here feed street animals, not intending to pet them but to help them not starve.
  • Even if there is electricity all day, there is never a lack of interactions between people here.

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Sanity, Is As Important Around The House, As It Is Inside The House

Sanity, Is As Important Around The House, As It Is Inside The House

People maintain the cleanliness around the house with the same effort and interest they do inside the house. Everyone cleans the roads around their own house, thanks to the Never-Appearing Municipal Corporations here.


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