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The film that captures millennials' greatest fear

The film that captures millennials' greatest fear


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The film that captures millennials' greatest fear

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Oscar-winning anime - Spirited Away

Within the first 15 minutes of this anime, we become lost in the enchanted realm with 10-year-old Chihiro, her world ruled by spells and spirits. On their move to a new home, Chihiro's parents have taken an alternative route and are charmed by the unexpected surroundings. Chihiro finds it disturbing.

Two decades since the original release, Spirited Away keeps its power into anime.


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Many people in the film industry have been disregarding Japanese animation, but Spirited Away's success was a wake-up call. Throughout the film, environmental themes are shown. Nature is magical, while humans seem graceless, destructive, and disastrous.

Creator Hayao Miyazaki loves not only a sustainable environment but also the right of children to be children. Spirited Away shows the pressures and distractions of modernity and a little girl's parents who succumb to temptation and greed.


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The world through a child's eye

Part of the magic in Spirited Away is the depth of detail and its heroine Chihiro, as she helps us relate to the other characters. Miyazaki has thought about what the world would look like if he was only 4ft tall and used that knowledge to portray his world.

Ultimately, Spirited Away taps into themes such as care for the environment, reverence for nature, and a belief that the energy of the good spirits within us will help young people change the world for the better.


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