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The Purpose Driven Life (Enhanced Edition)

The Purpose Driven Life (Enhanced Edition)

by Zondervan,


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Character Development: We are created to become like Christ

To develop Christ-like character is the third purpose of our life, according to the book.

From the start of the creation, God has planned to make human beings in His image and likeness.

Like God, we are to live like the following:

  • Spiritual Beings
  • Intellectual Being...

Building Character is Spiritual

The Bible says, "As the spirit of the Lord works within us, we become more and more like him and reflect his glory even more."

We can cooperate with the work of the Holy Spirit by taking in the first step of faith. 

God waits for us to act first. Only then the Holy Spirit can release ...

Building Character is Intellectual

The Bible says, " We are transformed by the renewing of our mind." 

God wants to free us from hiding from the cocoon. We are to metamorphose into a colorful butterfly. And that can only happen if we allow God to redirect our thoughts. 

Let God enter our minds to change us from the ins...

Building Character is Relational

The Bible says, "God calls us to build relationships with each other."

True maturity is all about learning to love like Jesus. 

God created people to provide the support we need to grow. 

Most people assume that praying and reading the Bible alone is enough to grow in character....

Building Character is Morally Conscious

The Bible says, "This will continue until we are... mature, just as Christ is, and we will be completely like Him."

To grow in Christ-like character is not easy and quick. 

In fact, becoming like Christ is a long and slow process of work. 

I say "work" because you have to consci...

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It is very important for us to grow in our spiritual life and have a relationship with god.sometimes we do struggle a lot in we need to understand the process of growing in our spiritual life and Rick Warren has clearly mentioned about this in his book.



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You should always have a purpose in life and the courage to follow you passion, these questions and tips will help you make your life more meaningful!



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