How To Write A Personal Letter, According To A Hallmark Card Writer : Life Kit - Deepstash
How To Write A Personal Letter, According To A Hallmark Card Writer : Life Kit

How To Write A Personal Letter, According To A Hallmark Card Writer : Life Kit

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Writing for impact

Good personal writing can encourage a real connection and brighten someone's day, be it a birthday day card, snail mail, a text message or a work email. 

When done right, it feels like someone is really noticing you.


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Lead with vulnerability and curiosity

Any form of letter writing starts with committing to telling your story. It means sharing your feelings with the person and not just the hard facts. From there, try asking open-ended questions.

By offering the receiver some of your personal experience, you give them the space to respond in kind.


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"The universal in the specific" tool

"The universal in the specific" tool

The idea is that we should aim to talk about experiences that the other person can relate to. This technique makes our audience feel seen and understood.

For example, instead of saying you're unprepared, you might speak about the feeling on the last day of vacation. It creates a fuller picture that better reflect your story.


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Know your audience

Use a heartfelt message to celebrate with people on special occasions.

Don't be scared to inject some of your personality into your writing. However, ensure the stories you share are appropriate. If your friend loves jokes, then use humour with a birthday card, but trying the same if you're writing a thank-you card to your boss may be out of place.


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Writing more letters

Writing more letters

Writing a letter will compel you to write in another way. It is not the same as a text message or an email.

When we put pen to paper, it fuels our creativity and stretches our vocabulary in ways other communication can't. To encourage the habit of writing, keep items at hand that promote writing. That could mean a fountain pen and unique stationery, journaling, or fun postcards.


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