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A Complete Guide to Creating a Life Plan

A Complete Guide to Creating a Life Plan


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A Complete Guide to Creating a Life Plan

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Imagine Being Interviewed at the End of Your Life

As you prepare for the interview, the reporter asks these questions:

  1. Who should we interview about your life?
  2. What is the one thing you never thought you would do, but did it?
  3. Where have you lived, learned, and experienced your greatest successes?
  4. When did you do the hard work to make this life possible?
  5. Why did you work so hard to be who you are?
  6. How did you accomplish these amazing things?

These questions may be daunting at first. But they are hugely important to help you understand where you want to be in the future


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Our priorities in our twenties are different than our priorities in our fifties and sixties.

Who and what, are the most important aspects of your life right now?

These can be family, a spouse, children, friends or even things like your finances or career. Maybe even your faith, education or personal health. Most people have seven to ten life priorities at any time. Any more than ten and you are afraid to leave things out which may not be ultimately important.


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You will need to know your purpose, where you want to be, where you are now, and how you want to get there.

  • Identify the purpose of making this a priority. This is where you create a statement about why you have decided this is a priority.
  • What do you want the future to look like with your priorities?
  • After you have decided the purpose and future for your priorities, you need to know where you are right now.
  • Create action steps. This is where we make the roadmap to our dreams.


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It is important for you to review your life plan weekly, monthly, and quarterly. 

Weekly and monthly reviews are to keep you on track toward your dreams and desired life. Quarterly reviews are to update your life plan as you accomplish things or find struggles along the way.


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