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How I Created A Simple But Effective Productivity System

How I Created A Simple But Effective Productivity System

Systems are great for getting organised & productivity maintenance.

But it can be overwhelming for us to create & most importantly stick to that system.

That's why simplicity is so important.


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Essentials For A Production System

Essentials For A Production System

We're targeting for simplicity, so we'll use only 3 main things.

  • A Humble To Do List
  • A Writing App
  • A Scheduling Calendar


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How To Use Them To Maximise & Maintain Productivity?

How To Use Them To Maximise & Maintain Productivity?

A to do list is to declutter your mind ASAP.

You can create two lists for good organisation.

  1. One for all the formal work like studies/job.
  2. Second for your personal creative work/business.

I personally use Microsoft To Do as I can add lists in a group.

A writing app is for collecting ideas & taking further action on it or to create something creative out of it.

You can differentiate your short form & long form notes using labels.

I personally use Google Keep because it's so simple & ad free and it has all the key features in it.


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Use Of Calendar

Use Of Calendar

A calendar is to schedule your day or to create time blocks to ensure productivity maximisation.

I personally use Google calendar, again it's so simple & effective


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