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Utkarsh Mishra on Oct 26

Utkarsh Mishra on Oct 26

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Rigid Productivity

Tasks . Schedules . Reminders

These will definitely make you productive. But they are quite rigid. Sometimes you just don't wanna follow them. And that's why your day might need fluidity!


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Fluid Productivity

After following the rigid productive methods for a long time , a person gains confidence in their routine.

With this confidence you can make productivity fluid.

Here's how you do it-

  1. Focus hours:Choose the most productive hours of your day. Each day you will work with focus in these hours. These hours are fixed in your routines
  2. Long term goals:Next choose the long term goals you are working towards. Maybe you want to meditate or draw. These activity can occur at any time of the day other than the focus hours.


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An Example Of Fluid Productivity

  • Focus hours: 5am-7am , 5pm-7pm (These hours will remain the same everyday)
  • Long Term Goals: Yoga for half hour, writing for half hour. (These activities can occur at any time other than focus hours. You might do writing in the evening one day or in the morning the other day.)
  • Finally the rest free time can be used for self care like hygene, or maybe playing games or watching YouTube.


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Pros And Cons Of Fluid Productivity

This will give you a freedom of choosing your sleep time everyday, it will let you adapt your schedule if any random work pops up.

On the other hand, if you have not devoloped self control then it might not be too advantageous to you.

Conclusion:If you have confidence in your self-control but do want to provide yourself some freedom of what you do on a daily basis , then try this system.


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Obsessed with organization. Like anime and manga.


Productivity is often rigid. But can it be fluid?

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