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What Is Opportunity Cost

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The impact of opportunity cost on personal and professional life

Evaluating the benefits and drawbacks of different choices

Understanding the concept of opportunity cost

What Is Opportunity Cost

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Refinement of Planning and Execution

Refinement of Planning and Execution

Refine your current budget and create attainable goals

Identify at least two areas that you would like to work on within your current budget and decide whether you want to decrease your expenses or place an additional budget for it. 

By evaluating how much you've spent on a certain matter and identifying the 'new' number you'd like to establish, you're one step closer to attaining your goal. Remember that your goals aren't impossible, but there has to be a fresh approach adopted to see them through.


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Tackling Newly Acquired Debt

Tackling Newly Acquired Debt

If you have newly acquired debt, here are some suggestions on how to tackle them without getting overwhelmed:

  • Take a breather and remember that things happen all the time, you're not alone.
  • Review all credit card statements and other potential bills, list them down cohesively (due dates, amounts, creditors) on a notebook or an excel sheet.
  • It is recommended to tackle high-interest accounts first, but you can also take inventory of what works best for you.


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Saving Up

Saving Up

Every penny counts.

As corny as that may sound, no amount is too small that you won't benefit from saving. Having an emergency account is a leverage that one can achieve to have.

It's better to have something on a rainy day than nothing.


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Keeping It Positive

Keeping It Positive

The future is uncertain and whatever that may happen will happen eventually but we can also still choose to make sound financial decisions from a place of gratitude.

When we allos ourselves to look back on our failures and successes and don't dwell on them, every day is a new opportunity to implement new things that will ultimately help us in the end.


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