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Building a Second Brain Summary

About Building a Second Brain Book

“One of my favorite books of the year. It completely reshaped how I think about information and how and why I take notes.” —Daniel Pink, bestselling author of Drive

A revolutionary approach to enhancing productivity, creating flow, and vastly increasing your ability to capture, remember, and benefit from the unprecedented amount of information all around us.

For the first time in history, we have instantaneous access to the world’s knowledge. There has never been a better time to learn, to contribute, and to improve ourselves. Yet, rather than feeling empowered, we are often left feeling overwhelmed by this constant influx of information. The very knowledge that was supposed to set us free has instead led to the paralyzing stress of believing we’ll never know or remember enough.

Now, this eye-opening and accessible guide shows how you can easily create your own personal system for knowledge management, otherwise known as a Second Brain. As a trusted and organized digital repository of your most valued ideas, notes, and creative work synced across all your devices and platforms, a Second Brain gives you the confidence to tackle your most important projects and ambitious goals.

Discover the full potential of your ideas and translate what you know into more powerful, more meaningful improvements in your work and life by Building a Second Brain.

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Building a Second Brain by Tiago Forte

4.9/5 (7400 reviews)

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Use a Proven Method to Organize Your Digital Life and Unlock Your Creative Potential

Use a Proven Method to Organize Your Digital Life and Unlock Your Creative Potential

  • Our Brains are not well-suited to sorting large amounts of information. We are also constantly bombarded with distractions that make it difficult to focus and think clearly. So we need a system for capturing and organizing our thoughts, ideas and knowledge
  • The process of building a second brain is summed up in the CODE method. This consists of four key steps 



Keep only what resonates in a trusted place that you control, and leave the rest aside.




  • Capture your ideas, thoughts and knowledge as they come to you. You can do this by writing, speaking or using digital tools like note-taking apps or audio recording software. Do this immediately rather than trying to remember ideas.
  • By capturing the ideas as soon as they come to you, you can ensure that you don't lose them and can refer to them later.


In Building a Second Brain, author Tiago Forte presents a system for knowledge management based on note-taking, organizing, and building a "second brain" to enhance creativity and productivity. Forte draws on insights about the limitations of the human mind and the power of writing things down. He provides practical frameworks for taking better notes, connecting ideas, developing insights and building a robust reference system.

Our Minds Are Not Built for Deep Knowledge Work

Our Minds Are Not Built for Deep Knowledge Work

The inherent limitations of the human brain mean we cannot hold lots of complex ideas and connections in our heads alone.

To do deep creative and intellectual work, we need to augment our cognition by developing a trusted external system for knowledge and thinking.


Writing Down Ideas Clarifies Thinking

Writing Down Ideas Clarifies Thinking

The act of writing forces us to clarify fuzzy ideas, explicitly connect concepts, identify gaps in knowledge and develop new insights.

Writing builds understanding and rational thinking far better than just thinking alone does.


Build a Digital Home for Your Ideas

Build a Digital Home for Your Ideas

We can create a future-proof "second brain" to store our ideas using digital notes stored in linked references.

This personal knowledge base and library of thoughts can evolve with us over a lifetime.


This concept of a second brain is revolutionary! everyone can benefit from a Second Brain!

Note-taking (A second brain)

Note-taking (A second brain)

Building A Second Brain is a methodology for saving and systematically reminding us of the ideas, inspirations, insights, and connections we’ve gained through our experience. It expands our memory and our intellect using the modern tools of technology and networks.


This methodology is not only for preserving those ideas, but...

This methodology is not only for preserving those ideas, but...

This methodology is not only for preserving those ideas, but turning them into reality. It provides a clear, actionable path to creating a “second brain” – an external, centralised, digital repository for the things you learn and the resources from which they come.


We are already doing most of the work!

We are already doing most of the work!

We are already doing most of the work required to consume this content. We spend a significant portion of our careers creating snippets of text, outlines, photos, videos, sketches, diagrams, webpages, notes, or documents. Yet without a little extra care to preserve these valuable resources, our precious knowledge remains siloed and scattered across dozens of different locations. We fail to build a collection of knowledge that both appreciates in value and can be reused again and again.


How To Set-up P.A.R.A System

How To Set-up P.A.R.A System

PARA is the simple system for organize your digital life created by Tiago Forte

What is it PARA?

PROJECT: is a series of activities linked to a goal

AREAS : It is a sphere of activity to be maintained over time

RESOURCES : Themes that interest you

ARCHIVE: Anything that is not part of the other 3 categories

Project Vs Areas

Project examples:

  • Writing a Book
  • Run a marathon
  • Writing a Proposal

Areas examples:

  • Fitness
  • Writing
  • Business
  • Finances
  • Spirituality



We extend beyond our limits, not by revving our brains like a machine

or bulking them up like a muscle—but by strewing our world with rich

materials, and by weaving them into our thoughts.




Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them



Building a Personal Knowledge Management System

Structurally Organise Information

This book explains methods to organise huge amount of information passing thorough your life daily.

Methods like PARA and CODE clearly explain on how to organise the information you get, which can be used in future.


Semua hal akan menjadi lebih mudah dan leluasa ketika kamu mempunyai eksternal otak


Tuliskan segala hal penting yang perlu kamu ingat. Sekarang hal tersebut bisa dilakukan tidak terbatas pada media kertas saja, tetapi bisa dilakukan pada device yang sering kamu gunakan seperti handphone atau laptopmu.

Banyak aplikasi yang bisa dijadikan sebagai tool untuk mengingat berbagai hal seperti Notion, Google keep, dll.



Semua hal tersebut akan lebih berguna ketika kamu mampu mengaturnya dengan baik. Ketika kamu membutuhkan informasi tersebut maka dengan mudah untuk kamu akses kembali.

P.A.R.A adalah satu teknik yang bisa kamu gunakan

  • Projects, tuliskan segala hal yang ingin kamu selesaikan dengan deadline tertentu
  • Areas, tempat kamu menyimpan sesuatu yang ingin kamu lakukan tetapi tidak dalam deadline.
  • Resource, simpan segala hal yang menjadi ketertarikanmu, seperti musik, gambar, dll.
  • Archive, hal yang telah selesai atau sudah tidak kamu butuhkan dari ketiga hal diatas bisa kamu simpan di sini.



Tulis summary atau important notes yang bisa kamu baca atau akses dengan cepat.


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