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How to Start Working Out at Home

How to make home workouts fun and accessible

Exercising At Home

Exercising At Home

Our lifestyles have since then changed and in order to adjust to our environment, there are things that we cannot do at the moment like go to the gym.

The good news is that you don't need to go to the gym in order to exercise at home.

Starting An At-Home Exercising Habit

In order to make this habit a long-lasting one, we must be able to take into account the level of where we are starting. We can do this by:

  • Downloading an exercise app or watching online workouts. Having a personalized smartwatch is optional, but studies show that it is helpful to have one.
  • Finding enough space at home to work out. A space that's tall enough for us to stand in and long enough to lie down in.

The 'Best Exercise'

There is no 'best exercise,' only the best exercise that is suited for us. In order to figure out the best kind of exercise for us is that it needs to be able to hit these three requirements:

  1. The exercise is considerate of our time
  2. The intensity of our exercise or how hard you want to work; and
  3. If we enjoy doing the exercise.

It doesn't have to be complicated. We have preferences but when we're at the starting point, we need to remember that this habit is for our long-term satisfaction.



  • Lay down on the floor and cycle your legs in the air for fifteen to thirty minutes as if you were riding a bicycle.
  • It might not be as much fun as taking a ride in the fresh air, but on the bright side, you can do it in front of your TV while enjoying your favorite show.
  • You can also try a few crunches, scissor kicks, leg lifts, or other floor exercises you might think of while you’re down there.


If you have stairs in your home, or even one stair, just get stepping.

You will want to step up and down one stair for a considerable time, again probably anywhere from fifteen minutes to half an hour, so think about turning on some music to help you stay motivated.



Dancing is a great way to exercise indoors. Since you are in the privacy of your own home, you do not have to worry about anyone else judging your moves.

Find a clear space, crank up the tunes, and let loose. Dancing is a great way to have fun and burn calories at the same time.

The P.A.U.L. method (10 minutes)

The P.A.U.L. method (10 minutes)

Choose one exercise for each of the following four categories:

  • P- Plyometric cardio (e.g., Jumping Jacks)
  • A- Abs (e.g., Plank)
  • U- Upper Body (e.g., Push-Ups)
  • L- Lower Body (e.g., Squats

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds. After performing all four exercises, rest 30 seconds and start again

A HIIT circuit (beginners and advanced)

A HIIT circuit (beginners and advanced)

  • Jumping Jacks: 20 reps or 40 reps
  • Squat: 10 reps or 20 reps
  • Incline push-up: 10 seconds or 20 seconds
  • Plank: 30 seconds or 40 seconds
  • Single-Leg Glute Bridge: 5 reps each leg or 10 reps each leg

Complete this circuit three times with a 30-second rest between each round.

The 3-HIIT wonder (10 minutes)

The 3-HIIT wonder (10 minutes)

  • 40 Speed Skaters
  • 10 Floor Burpees
  • 15 Leg Lift + Hip Lift

Set a timer for 10 minutes and complete the circuit as many times as possible with little to no rest over the course of those 10 minutes.

The trouble with exercise is that it’s easy to avoid

The trouble with exercise is that it’s easy to avoid

The reasons are plentiful, mostly involving motivation and time. And herein lies the beauty of dance.

Estimates suggest that people can burn about 200 calories in 30 minutes from a quick-paced dance routine. And growing research suggests that dancing not only helps people stay in physical shape but also improves brain and mental health.

Dance: The ideal exercise

The reason dance is the ideal exercise is that it’s a total-body workout. It’s a great way to access all movement planes and access some muscles that get ignored in typical day-to-day activities.

Depending on the type of dance, it can offer cardiovascular benefits by increasing your heart rate, it can help strengthen the lower and upper extremities through repeated muscle contractions, and it can challenge coordination and balance, especially when following a choreographed dance at different tempos.

Once you get into it, dance also feels good.

Dancing and brain health

Dancing and brain health

Dancing appears to affect the brain in ways that extend beyond mental health conditions.

One of the benefits of physical activity is that it enhances executive function and attention, processing speed, and memory. Dancing involves both a mental effort and social interaction.

  • Regular dancing can help prevent cognitive decline as we age and is associated with a reduced risk of dementia.”
  • It can offer cardiovascular benefits by increasing your heart rate, it can help strengthen the lower and upper extremities through repeated muscle contractions, and it can challenge coordination and balance.

The real benefits

The real benefits

Working out at home is a tricky concept and can be harder to execute when the couch is right there in your view.

You can gain a lot from giving physical activity a real place of privilege in your schedule and devoting a good amount of time and attention to it. Apart from getting your blood pumping, the real benefits are creating time for your own interests and allowing yourself to check out mentally while focusing on simple tasks.

Home exercises can help

It's tough to build a lot of strength or otherwise make progress without the incremental weights you find at a gym, but a few inexpensive home tools and specific movements can go a long way.

It is important to ensure that you prioritize compound movements that work muscle systems, not individual muscles. You'll get a lot more done in less time if you focus on bigger movements - squat, bench, deadlift, row, overhead press.

Lower and upper body movements

Lower and upper body movements

Goblet squats and squat jumps are great for your lower body when you only have dumbbells. You could also try lunge variations, split squats, step-ups, and deadlift variations.

For your upper body, you could do some chest presses, pushups, row variations, curls, tricep extensions or pullups (if you have a pullup bar installed in a doorway.)

While you’re dusting, strap on weights

While you’re dusting, strap on weights

A great way to get arms burning while dusting is to wear some ankle weights around your wrists.

Since dusting requires a lot of arm movement, even if you add just two to three pounds of extra resistance, you can get those arms burning with every swipe.

While you’re folding laundry, do squats

  • Place your basket of clean clothes on the floor, and instead of bending over to pick up the items to fold, squat down instead.
  • Stand with feet hip-width apart and bend the knees until your butt is level with them (but don’t let your knees go past your toes; stay slightly higher if you don’t have the range of motion to go low while maintaining your form).
  • And be sure to engage your core as you come back up to stand. 

While you’re paying bills, do abdominal twists

While you’re paying bills, do abdominal twists

  • Stand between two tables such that you can take a bill from the right and then twist to the left to pay it.
  • If the table is high, you will also work your shoulders.
  • Keep your hips forward and backside tucked under to protect your back, and engage your abs on every twist (pretend someone is about to punch you in the stomach).

Tips for keeping motivated to move

Tips for keeping motivated to move

  • Work out as a family. Exercising together will not only enable you to motivate each other but will reduce the chance of distraction from having to tend to the needs of little ones.
  • Schedule time to exercise. Try to make this the same time each day and ensure that the whole family knows that this is ‘exercise time.’
  • Collate a ripper playlist. Great music makes all the difference!
  • Dress for the occasion. Changing into comfortable workout clothes and shoes will help put you in the right headspace for exercise.
  • Track your progress.
  • Reward yourself. Set yourself a simple, achievable goal and choose a (non-food related) reward.

Roll the Dice workout

You need: 2 dice, a mat or towel , and a timer

Roll a dice to establish how many sets of each exercise you will do. Roll it again to establish how many repetitions you will do in each set. Then you complete the 8 exercises one after the other. Do the first round at low intensity to warm up. When you have finished have a breather/drink break and roll the dice again. Continue for a half hour.

  • Squats with punches at the top
  • Star jumps
  • Tricep dips
  • Crunches
  • Lunges (alternating legs)
  • Sprints across the yard
  • Bicep curls 
  • Reverse crunches.

Deck of Cards workout

You need: A deck of cards, mat or towel (for crunches and plank/hover holds), a timer

Turn over one card at a time and do the exercise associated with the suit. The number on the card is the number of repetitions you will do. Ace = 1. Jack, Queen and King = 10. Jokers = 10 burpees. Work out at low intensity for the first five minutes to warm up. Do 15 minutes of each round with a breather/drink break in between.

  • First round
  • Hearts: Calf raises
  • Spades: Front kicks
  • Diamonds: Push ups (knees or toes)
  • Clubs: Supermans

Second round

  • Hearts: Sumo (wide-legged) squats
  • Spades: Star jumps or step touches
  • Diamonds: Bicep curls
  • Clubs: Reverse crunches.

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