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Digital Minimalism

Digital Minimalism

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Cal Newport

Cal Newport

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Step 1: Figure out which apps are healthy and which are toxic

To figure out the best solution, we have to make sure we’ve fully identified the problem.

The problem with your phone are the apps you have on it. 

The apps that make your life better are the ones that make you happier, better and healtier. They can be basics apps, educational apps, meditating apps, self-improving apps etc...

On the contrary, toxic apps make your life worse. you feel a compulsion to use them and they don't benefit you. They include all social media apps and phone games.

Step 1: How to do it

Identify the apps with which you have a toxic relationship and emphasize all apps with which you have a healty one.

The apps that are toxic for people varies from person to person.

If these things are true, the app is probably toxic:

  • You feel a compulsion to use it.
  • You feel worse after using it than if you hadn’t.
  • You regret using it.
  • It makes your life worse instead of better.
  • It gives you little to no benefit.

Step 3: Rearrange your remaining apps

A big part of why you waste so much time on Instagram is because Instagram is accessible.

Never put an app you don’t want to use on the home screen. Any apps on the home screen are going to get used more than apps on any other page.

Instead of deleting apps, hide the ones you don't want to use in groups. ( Groups can be: Social, School, Education, entertainment etc.)

Also, place the apps you want to use in a visible position like your home screen.

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