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How To Win Friends and Influence People

How To Win Friends and Influence People

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How to Talk to Anyone

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Never Split the Difference

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Dale Carnegie

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Leil Lowndes

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Chris Voss

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Tahl Raz

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The Arrival

There are steps you can take to make arriving at a party less stressful and more fulfilling.

One of the issues with parties, unless you’re the most gregarious of extroverts, is that feeling when you’re about to walk into one but don’t know a single person there. Or perhaps you’re only vaguely connected to the host, who will surely be busy hosting. How do you start a conversation at a party with a complete stranger or someone you barely know? What if you do something horribly wrong, requiring you to sever all relationships and perhaps even move to an entirely new town or galaxy?

The Outfit

Party prep should involve what you wear. Pick a tried-and-true outfit — whatever taps you into the best version of yourself, as opposed to something that makes you feel self-conscious or that you’ll be constantly adjusting.

Some people like to choose a great blouse or jacket or necklace, like a talisman. That’s powerful. Or imagine the person who would play you in a movie, and dress like that for a boost of confidence.

What To Bring To The Party

The classic rule is to show up with something in hand. Nowadays, however, you don’t always need to show up with something for your good friends. If you feel more comfortable arriving with a bottle of wine or a token of your appreciation, by all means, go for it.

Remember that conversation is part of what you bring to any social event. 

I don’t walk into a party without two to three things to talk about. These topics can be anything that’s interesting to you at the moment, and you need not even talk about them — but they are there if you need them. 

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