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The Laws Of Technology

An ocean of data is now managed by powerful technology that was unimaginable a couple of decades before. Visionary men coined 'tech' laws half a century ago that is relevant even now.

  • Moore’s Law states that computing power, that is the number of transistor circuits in each computer ‘chip’, doubles every two years.
  • Nielsen's Law states that internet bandwidth increases by about 50 percent every year for high-end users.

Assisting Vs Decision Making

To make AI(Artificial Intelligence) work safely and securely, it should be assistive, and not act like a master. It should be helping us save time, effort, energy and resources, and not become an all-powerful entity like in many Sci-Fi movies.

The right human guidance is needed to make AI act as a positive force on human progress.

The Fear Of AI

The Fear Of AI

AI(Artificial Intelligence) has got a bad rep, mostly coming from movies(The Matrix, for instance) or news articles demonizing AI’s reach and scope, stoking fears ranging from privacy invasion to space wars.

AI, and technology itself, is a double-edged sword having the capacity to either overwhelm and overpower us or be a defence mechanism for the looming future threats, depending on how we use it.

AI: Facial Recognition Technology

Facial recognition, having gone mainstream due to iPhones, helps everyday life in numerous ways like unlocking phones or verifying purchases. Millions of facial images can be harnessed by powerful AI algorithms to locate a missing person or a criminal suspect in a few minutes.

Just like any tool, facial recognition technology can be used for nefarious purposes, like tracking anyone easily.

AI: Advantages Galore

AI(Artificial Intelligence) can learn from experience and by processing new data sets, unlike traditional computers who are not programmed to self-educate themselves. Modern AI can sift through vast amounts of data to pull out the exact search result, even express uncertainty or confusion, and filter out data that is too personal.

AI can act as a ‘failsafe’ to counter common errors we make, and cancel out the ‘human’ factors affecting decision making like bias, lack of attention, fatigue or emotion.

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