Real Life Lessons From Videogames

  1. Difficulty increases as you progress.
  2. If there are no obstacles you’re going in the wrong direction. 
  3. Look for secrets and do some side quests to get better fast. 
  4. You have multiple lives, but don't waste them.
  5. Tutorials will save you later even if they don’t seem useful at first.
  6. Use the pause button. You'll feel better, with a clear mind.
  7. Don't be that player who only cares about themselves
  8. Explore the map. Maybe something interesting will pop up.
  9. Offer help to those in need, but don't feel bad when they lack the drive to keep going.
  10. Help the less fortunate
  11. Good things and bad things appear differently
  12. Everyone wants to be a hero, even bad people.
  13. Let things go. Don’t forget, but don’t be burdened, either.
  14. There's a pattern to games, and to life. 
  15. You're not alone. 

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15 Lessons About Life We Learn From Video Games

15 Lessons About Life We Learn From Video Games