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2. Always be compassionate

2. Always be compassionate

Love develops out of high-frequency vibration. In order to maintain the frequency at its utmost high, we should learn to show compassion to people who come within our sphere of energy vibration.

  • The great feeling that you often experience after assisting those in need attests to the rewarding effect of high-frequency vibration.

Regulating the frequency of our vibration

Regulating the frequency of our vibration

We are surrounded by an energetic field that connects us to the divine force of the universe. The same field also links us to other forces in our midst that affect our vibration frequency.

  • Naturally, our vibration frequency increases when we connect to positive influences and decreases when we link to negative spheres. We can increase the vibration in the following ways.

1. eat healthy foods to maintain high-frequency vibration

1. eat healthy foods to maintain high-frequency vibration

You should cultivate the habit of eating healthy meals that comprise a balanced diet in order to maintain a high frequency of energy vibration.

  • Eating excess calories or sticking to unhealthy substances such as alcohol, substances and drugs can only block your energy field and lower the frequency of vibration.

6. Meditate on a regular basis

6. Meditate on a regular basis

You should meditate regularly if you want to know how to increase your vibrational frequency. Meditation gives you a rare glimpse into the vastness of your life.

  • You learn to suppress aspects of your life that cause low energy vibration as you give full expression to positive practices that adjust your vibration frequency upwards.

3. Always proclaim uplifting mantras

3. Always proclaim uplifting mantras

Mantras have a profound positive effect on our energy fields. Every time you utter a mantra, your energy field picks up on a high note and the effect spreads uniformly in every atom of your being.

  • Repeating the mantras over a long time eventually culminates into happiness, courage and a strong sense of progress.

4. Maintain a circle of virtuous and ambitious friends

4. Maintain a circle of virtuous and ambitious friends

The company you keep determines the level of frequency that your body can achieve.

  • Keeping close ties will people of ill reputation will darken your energy field and lead you to bad habits that correspond to low frequency.

Peers with good conduct will enhance the frequency of your vibration because they also vibrate at high frequencies.

5. Read motivational literature

5. Read motivational literature

Your vibration levels will experience a profound surge any time you commit some hours to read motivational literature.

  • The habit of reading opens up your mind to multiple possibilities that help to increase your frequency.

The acquisition of new knowledge leaves a nourishing impact in your energy field.

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