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Simple is good

Simple is good

Simple is good

When you face some issue in your life, what solution you are looking for?

The simplest one? Is that right? Or maybe, you are starting to check, every option available?

Searching for as many answers and potential outcomes as possible. What is your approach?

It is true, that you need to find and consider your options when facing some issues. Though, don’t you spend too much time on this hunt? Don’t you waste too much energy on this? Overcomplicating the whole thing. Making it even harder than it is. Does this sound familiar? Is it what you are doing?... Read more


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Maybe you are not an introvert but maybe you just need better people...❤️ 😇 I love when guys you stashing my idea but please at least follow if u love ideas 🙃

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Use a Weighting System to Compare Multiple Options

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