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Lesson 2 :

If you want to get to the next level, work hard and persevere through your limits.

We need to realize when things get the hardest is when we have the chance to callous our minds and push past our limits.


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We’re all going through a battle in our mind.

We’re all going through a battle in our mind.

The biggest war you’re ever going through is right between our own ears.

We have to callous our minds to fight that war and win that war. It’s all in our minds.

Stress + Rest = Growth

You need to push to the outer limits of your current ability, and then follow that hard work with appropriate recovery time.

This is how you grow your mind and get better at any skill.

Money, Status And Approval

We need to realize that hard work, improving our skill sets and creating ways to provide better services is under our control, but status, money inflow or the approval of others is not.

We need to work on stuff that we can control, and the things we desire...

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