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Faster is not always better

The hustle culture uses speed to measure performance. How fast can you ship a new product? How many prospective clients can you call in an hour?

While it may seem counterintuitive, slowing down may lead to clearer thinking and be a faster way to achieve your goals.

Injecting slowness in all areas of your life

Food: Studies suggest eating fast is linked to obesity. Eating slow is associated with lower hunger and lower calorie intake in healthy people.

Communication: We become present and more empathic when we slow down.

Fashion: Slow fashion is more ethical and sustainable. Shop less often and focus on timeless designs that are of better quality.

Exercise: Low impact, moderate-intensity exercises such as yoga and walking effectively lower the risk of heart disease.

Decision-making: Quick-thinking may lead to a bad decision. Slowing down allows us to be more deliberate.

Go slower to go further

Go slower to go further

By slowing down, you can build three key pillars you can rely on.

  • Intentionality: When we focus on speed, we may stay stuck in a path that may be inefficient. Slowing down allows us to execute our plans intentionally.
  • Quality: Doing things slower means we can pay attention to the quality of the output.
  • Sustainability: Consistent effort over time is more sustainable than running out of steam after a sprint.

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