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How Humans and AI Are Working Together in 1,500 Companies

How Humans and AI Are Working Together in 1,500 Companies

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Transforming The World With A.I.

  • Today, AI(Artificial Intelligence) can diagnose disease, translate languages, provide useful customer services, and drive a car for us.
  • Many companies use AI for automation, but to do that to displace human employees can backfire in the long run.

In extensive research involving fifteen hundred organizations, it is found that companies with the most significant improvements are those which join humans and machines to work in sync.

Machines Helping Humans

A.I. can assist us in analysis, decision making, and to magnify creativity, as they are able to upscale and amplify our strengths and cognitive abilities, take care of mundane, repetitive tasks and free up humans for higher-level work activities.

  • Advanced digital entities like Cortana or Aida help humans in collaborating by acting as communication links.
  • Customers are assisted with routine queries, no matter how many turn up to ask.
  • Many robots have sensors and motors that assist humans in work safety, and actions that require complexity and power, like assembling a car.

The Human-Machine Interface

Companies that embrace a collaboration of man and machine, instead of focusing on cost savings or laying off maximum number of human resources, will be able to flourish, transform their operations and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Humans Beings And A.I.: A Match Made In Heaven

Humans and AI can complement each other's strengths. Humans have certain skills that machines cannot match:

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity
  • Social skills

Machines have certain areas where it outperforms humans:

  • Speed
  • Scalability
  • Quantitative capabilities(analysing trillions of data entries)
  • Raw horsepower
  • Doing repetitive, monotonous work

An organization requires both kinds of competencies to thrive.

Humans And Machines: Exposition And Maintenance

There is a lot of exposition(explaining) that needs to be done by us to other humans on how and why A.I. reaches certain conclusions, which is often based on complex algorithms and ‘black-box’ computations which are not transparent to everyone.

A.I. also helps in finding ‘unknown unknowns’ due to their objectivity and transparency in seeing patterns and correlations.

Humans Are Needed For Machines

We created machines, computers and A.I., and need to program and sustain them to get the best outcome.

To make the best use of highly advanced A.I. machines, we need to do extensive training and programming to get the best possible results while avoiding errors, controversies and any potential harm to ourselves.

Reimagining Businesses as Man + A.I.

Companies need to redesign their business with a fusion of man and machine(A.I.).

  • Operational areas where A.I. can help need to be discovered.
  • Solutions need to be envisioned, keeping in mind the strengths of man and technology(co-creation).
  • Scaling up and sustenance of possible solutions need to be planned and deployed, in order to improve five main characteristics: flexibility, speed, decision making, personalization and scale.

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