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The Time Paradox

  • Balancing how we use our time needs flexibility. If the focus is single-mindedly on a particular time perspective, one cannot lead a happy, well-lived life.
  • Being in the future when one has to be in the present creates misery and conflict.
  • We can live every moment to the maximum by dialling the right time perspective(past, present or future).
  • The wealthiest people in the world who are running out of time know its value, and many of us waste(or kill) time as if it is unlimited.


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The 1/9/90 Principle Of Time Perspective

We cannot be stuck in the past, present or future time perspectives all the time, and have to be aware of how our mind works. To strike a balance, we have to be:

  1. 1 percent focused on the past, like spending 10 minutes writing a journal.
  2. 9 percent focuse...


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The Value Of Time

The Value Of Time

We don’t really value time as much as we value money, even though money one lost can be earned again, but lost time can never come back.

Many of us waste a lot of time on social media and other platforms consuming content of varying quality. If we really valued time, we would be aware of t...


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The Three Time Perspectives

The Human mind falls in the following states when thinking about time:

  1. Past: Remembering the good old days or wishing things happened differently in the life gone by.
  2. Present: Wanting enjoyment in the present, or always being on the lookout for...


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The Time Formula

  • Embrace The Past.
  • Think About The Future.
  • Remember: The Time To Live Is Right Now.
  • Yesterday Is Gone.
  • Tomorrow Isn’t Here Yet.
  • Make Today Count.


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"A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week." - Patton

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