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Being Transparent About How You Feel

If we feel shy, nervous or overwhelmed while talking to a stranger, you can be frank and tell that person. The other person is a mystery waiting to be discovered, but most of us are happy scrolling through our phones as it feels easier and safer.

By acknowledging your shyness or how awkward you feel, you are putting the other person at ease, who may be feeling the same way.

Talking To Strangers

  • Starting a conversation with someone whom we don’t know can be intimidating. 
  • Small talk can establish a common bond between two strangers and is the first step to build a meaningful, lasting connection with the other person.
  • Feeling confident around people helps in starting conversations, and confidence is an ever-present mindset. 

Affirmations can help us build that mindset.

Look For What Is Common And What Isn’t

  • A simple way to kickstart a conversation is to look for commonalities that you may have with the other person, like where they are heading, what they are reading, where they live.
  • Asking where they are from, or if they have done the particular activity before can spark a conversation and can go a long way.
  • Even if there is nothing in common, one can embrace the ‘newness’ and learn from the other person, keeping an open, explorative mind.
  • With practice, one can initiate and end conversations with confidence.

The Obvious Context

Starting a conversation is easy if we do it in the realm of our surroundings. When we are in the supermarket, we can initiate a conversation by asking for a suggestion to pick a perfect apple, but cannot discuss a movie, as that would be out of context.

Even if it sounds clichéd, we can practice striking a conversation in the visible context(like the weather) with strangers, as it is likely we would never see that person again anyway!

Self-Confidence: Ask Yourself What You Are

We can try asking ourselves what we are good at, and what we would like to be better at. We can list the challenges that we have overcome and feel proud about it, increasing our self-confidence.

Once we build our self-confidence and are ready to talk to strangers, there are certain guidelines we need to follow, in order to ease the process.

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