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How To Find Your Ikigai And Transform Your Outlook On Life And Business

How To Find Your Ikigai And Transform Your Outlook On Life And Business

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Example of Ikigai

Steve Jobs is a fantastic example of this idea. It’s easy to think of Jobs as a titan of technology, but that would be inaccurate. Jobs was a lover of fine craftsmanship, first and foremost.

Apple and Pixar were merely his chosen mediums of expression.

Ikigai in business

  • Ikigai is about finding joy, fulfillment, and balance in the daily routine of life.
  • Whether you call it Ikigai or Enlightened Entrepreneurship, the truth remains. It is possible to be true to your passions, live a life of consequence, and still use business as a medium of expression.
  • At the intersection of all of this are feelings of peace and lasting happiness that can sustain us throughout our entire lives.

What is Ikigai

What is Ikigai

Ikigai yis, above all else, a lifestyle that strives to balance the spiritual with the practical.

  • This balance is found at the intersection where your passions and talents converge with the things that the world needs and is willing to pay for.
  • To discover you Ikigai, you must first find what you’re most passionate about. Then, you find the medium through which you can express that passion.

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