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What we should do?

What we should do?

We should start doing something which we love and can bet our lives on it.

Our purpose should be portrayed with our behaviour and lifestyle.

Coming is the list of companies which were started in economic downturn or when it's supposed to be fail miserably.

But it was the courage, vision and faithfulness of the founders behind these companies or institutions which made them survived and transformed into something valuable.

Why is it so?

Why is it so?

For the most part, these businesses had little awareness they were in some historically significant depression.

Why? Because the founders were too busy existing in the present—actually dealing with the situation at hand.

They didn’t know whether it would get better or worse, they just knew what was.

They had a job they wanted to do, a great idea they believed in or a product they thought they could sell. They knew they had payroll to meet.

Opportunity in disguise

Opportunity in disguise

We often make mistake of starting something new when it is the right time (according to us), when in reality there is no such things as right timing.

With timing, there are also numerous factors that play key role in success of one event or product.

The ones who survived.

The ones who survived.

Following is the list of companies:-

  • Fortune magazine (ninety days after the market crash of 1929)
  • FedEx (oil crisis of 1973) UPS (Panic of 1907)
  • Walt Disney Company (After eleven months of smooth operation, the twelfth was the market crash of 1929.)
  • Hewlett-Packard (Great Depression, 1935)
  • Charles Schwab (market crash of 1974–75)
  • Standard Oil (Rockefeller bought out his partners in what became Standard Oil)
  • Revlon (Great Depression, 1932)
  • General Motors (Panic of 1907)
  • Proctor & Gamble (Panic of 1837)
  • United Airlines (1929)
  • Microsoft (recession in 1973–75)
  • LinkedIn (2002) post bubble burst

Live in present moment.

Live in present moment.

It doesn’t matter whether this is the worst time to be alive or the best, whether you’re in a good job market or a bad one, or that the obstacle you face is intimidating or burdensome.

What matters is that right now is right now.

The trick to forgetting the big picture is to look at everything close up. —


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