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Use a Pointer to Guide Your Vision

Use a Pointer to Guide Your Vision

As humans, we tend to be attracted to movement. That’s why sports seem too fascinating to us, something that books in their essence don’t have. 

Nevertheless, there is a way of making you feel attracted to movement while reading: to generate it yourself. In this way, you will enjoy more your reading session, and also, as several studies has confirmed (e.g. View Kirsh & Joy’s paper) it improves comprehension while letting you focus to read faster.

Why It Is Necessary

Why It Is Necessary

As we occupy our time with more activities, we need to be more efficient with the resources we have (mainly time). Since learning everything requires to read, here are 3 useful techniques with which you will increase both your reading speed and comprehension.

Read in 45-50 Minutes Intervals

Read in 45-50 Minutes Intervals

Since we lose focus every 25 mins using the Pomodoro Technique, we need to enter in a “focus phase” when reading, and we also need rest; a 45-50 minutes interval accompanied with some rest seems to be the best option.

Think of your eyes as if they were a scanner

Think of your eyes as if they were a scanner

Expand your perspective (by using peripheral vision), and divide each line in 2 or 3 parts, that will be your main focus points around which your peripheral vision will also work.

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Do you have a lot of paperwork to get through with a deadline that continues to stalk you around every corner? Do you have a lot of reading to do? Do you simply just want to read at a faster rate, whether it be for your own personal reasons, or for work? So, how to read faster? Here are 10 proven ways to help increase your reading speed.