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Top mistakes

Top mistakes

1) Assumptions

… specifically assumptions that everything will go right. Always assume that there will be hurdles along the way and allot sufficient time to deal with these problems.

2) Stress

Excessive amount of stress will affect you and your productivity drastically, so try to de-stress and stay away from stress causing medium.

EXTRA TIPS (because why not)

Remove distractions – delete apps, place your phone out of reach and turn off notifications.

• Focus on one thing at a time.

• Keep your home and workspace clean and organized to avoid chaos.

• Get the proper amount of sleep.

• Exercise regularly.

• Eat healthy.

• Take breaks in between work.

Top tips to being productive

Top tips to being productive

Top tips (especially for procrastinatora like me ;) )

1) Know your daily goals

2) Map your day

3) Prioritise

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