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Living The Maximum Age

Living The Maximum Age

  • Many people live for more than a hundred years, and the maximum recorded age has been of a French woman who lived till 122.
  • The average life expectancy is close to 80 years.
  • New research using computer simulation shows that the maximum lifespan of a human being is 150 years.

The Way Our Body Is

  • The faster we recover from an illness, the longer we can expect to live.
  • The white blood cell levels indicate if the body has inflammations.
  • The red blood cell levels indicate the risk of heart disease or memory loss.

Factors That Can Help Us Live Long

  • Genetics play a crucial role in how long we live.
  • A good diet and plenty of exercise helps one stay in shape and live longer(but we knew that).
  • Getting good treatment and medication to heal from problems is also an important factor.

The Gompertz Equation

First observed in the 19 century, the Gompertz Equation states that the chance of our death from infection and disease doubles every 8 to 9 years.

Factors like our diet, drinking and smoking, exercise routine, organ functioning and marital status play a part in determining how many years we will live.

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