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Conservatorship: Dangers and Benefits

  • When anyone is put in charge of another's wellbeing, there's a risk for abuse, especially in the case of fame and fortune.
  •  Without money or influence, the conservatee may struggle to prove that they are being abused by their conservator. Once you're deemed "mentally unfit," anything you say or do can be questioned. 
  • Conservators are paid for providing care. Because of this payment, she says, some are going to try to push to keep the conservatorship in place.
  • Conservatorships are there for a reason. They provide care for people who cannot care for themselves. Think of someone with severe dementia who, without a conservator, might forget that they left the stove on.


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Sometimes, all you need to do is look at things from a different perspective.

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Conservatorship protect those who struggle to care for themselves

The conservatorship model has been used to offer similar protections for those who struggle to care for themselves and manage their financial affairs and resources. Several mental health conditions can also make individuals vulnerable to injury, theft, and fraud.

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