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6. Nurture yourself

6. Nurture yourself

When you're stressed, it can be all to easy to neglect you own needs. lsoing your appetite, ignoring exercise, and not getting enough sleep are all common reactions to a crisis situiation.

  • Instead, focus on building self-nurturance skills, even when you are troubled. make time for activities that you enjoy.

By taking care of your own needs, you can boost your overall health and resilience and be fully ready to face life's challenges.


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I'm passionate about helping people live their best lives. I'm a lifestyle coach & burnout coach.

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Get enough sleep- When you don't get the sleep you need, your body craves sugary foods that will give you a quick energy boost. Getting plenty of rest will help with appetite control and reduce food cravings.

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Some Facts About Happiness

Some Facts About Happiness

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  • Focus on your daily care: making sure you eat well, stay hydrated, exercise, and get plenty of sleep is critical when you’re facing burnout. Also, remember doing something relaxing.
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