Biryani - a bowl of happiness

Biryani - a bowl of happiness

  1. Biryani is a mixed rice dish originating among the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent.It is made with Indian spices, rice, and meat usually that of chicken, goat, lamb, prawn, fish, and sometimes, in addition, eggs or vegetables such as potatoes in certain regional varieties.
  2. Its name is derived from a Persian word 'beriyan" meaning to fry or roast.
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Some renowned biryanis of India
  1. Developed under the rule of Asaf Jah I, HYDERABADI BIRYANI is India's most famous , made with basmati rice, spices and goat meat.
  2. Calcutta or Kolkata biryani evolved from the Lucknow style, when Awadh's last Nawab Wajid Ali Shah was exiled in 1856 to the Kolkata suburb of Metiabruz and brought his personal chef with him , it is characterized by the unique presence of potato in it, along with meat. It is said that the Nawab, having is lost his kingdom, could not afford meat, so his chefs tried to compensate by adding potato.
The origin of Biryani
  • According to historian Lizzie Collingham, the modern biryani developed in the royal kitchens of the Mughal Empire and is a mix of the native spicy rice dishes of India and the Persian pilaf
  • Another theory claims that the dish was prepared in India before the first Mughal emperor Babur conquered India
  • According to Pratibha Karan, who wrote the book Biryani, biryani is of South Indian origin, derived from pilaf varieties brought to the Indian subcontinent by Arab traders. She speculates that the pulao was an army dish in medieval India.

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Most Filipino dishes began with their creators making use of whatever ingredients they could find to create a dish

With the Philippines being an archipelagos, Filipino cuisine is highly local and regional

  • there are hundreds (if not thousands) of individually different dishes
  • some Filipino dishes served throughout the country often have different preparations; even names
Masaharu Morimoto: BuriBop

Masaharu Morimoto, also known as The Iron Chef with a Michelin star, created a dish called Buri Bop. The dish was inspired by a traditional Korean dish called Bibimbap.

His BuriBop is considered one of his greatest creations so far. It has the following ingreedients: sushi grade yellowtail, egg yolk, rice, marinated spinach, fennel head ferns, pickled daikon, carrots, yuzu pepper, garlic-soy jus, and shredded nori.

“Pantry” is an antique word with an eternal logic: Cooking is simpler and faster when you already have the ingredients.

Our definition of pantry encompasses refrigerator, freezer and cupboard, so you can make entire meals with “pantry” items.

It is ok not to have everything- there are three levels of pantries- essential, expanded and expert. No two people will agree on a list of staples — but there are fundamentals ingredients to keep on hand that last.

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