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Power of a Schedule

Power of a Schedule

World's greatest artists depended not upon creative inspiration or motivation but on consistent patterns and routines :

  • Franz Kafka repeated his strict schedule - job, lunch, nap, exercise, dinner and writing.
  • Maya Angelou wrote for 7 hours in a rented hotel room and returned home to edit her work and sleep.
  • Harumi Murakami wakes up at 4 AM, writes for 5 hours and goes for a run.
  • Pulitzer Awardee Michael Chavon writes from 10 PM to 3 AM, five nights a week.

James clear

If you don’t have a schedule forcing you to deliver, then it’s really easy to avoid doing the work at all.


Permission to Create Junk

Creative work is like training in a gym. Some days you get your best moments with great ideas and somedays not.

Great ideas will flow in when you go through a volume of work , put in your repetitions , and show up over and over again.

Stay consistent and give yourself space to make a masterpiece and even create junk along the way.

Schedule is a System

The schedule is the system that makes your goals a reality . If you don’t set a schedule for yourself, then your only option is to rely on motivation.

It is essentially to avoid saying this to ourselves :

  • "I hope I feel motivated to exercise today"
  • "I just need to find the willpower to do it"

Don't wait for motivation or creative inspiration to strike you, schedule it to form a habit.

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