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Skill-1 #Ability to build the frontend

  • The app or website where you are reading this idea is called the front-end
  • It's like a customer in a restaurant who consumes food similarly you are the client who consumes data through the app or website
  • That's the reason why we call the mobile app or websites frontend or client-side 
  • Basically, anything that you can see, touch and interact with is called the front-end 


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Machine Learning With Google

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Improving data analysis and decision-making

How Google uses logic in machine learning

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Skill-2 #Ability to create your own database

Skill-2 #Ability to create your own database

Let's hop back to the restaurant analogy

  •  it's the kitchen where the food is being cooked and all the materials are stored
  • Similarly, all the data that you throw at the app {Like the number of likes on your profile photo} is very meaningfully stored in the database

Skill-3 #Ability to build API's or networking

Skill-3 #Ability to build API's or networking

  • Have you entered a restaurant kitchen and started eating no right! 
  • The job to serve the right food to the right person is of the waiter 
  • Similarly, in a software product, the data stored has to be shown on the app to you like this amazing stash is being shown to you know

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