#5 Not Biting the Bullet and Making Time For the Things Import - Deepstash
#5 Not Biting the Bullet and Making Time For the Things Import

#5 Not Biting the Bullet and Making Time For the Things Import

This can be anything. The book you talked about writing for years and never did. That you wanted to learn to play guitar and never put in the effort. That you kept thinking you’d spend more time with your kids or your beloved pet, and instead, put it off, and put it off.

You will regret all the things you wanted to do, the things you were passionate about, the goals you had, the things that made your interest ignite, and you never put time or effort toward them.


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Not making lists

Not making lists

If you put something off and then forget to write down that you need to do it later, it’s possible that you could entirely forget about the first task.

If you’re a forgetful person, make a to-do list with all your tasks on it, and only cross them off when they’re 100% completed.

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