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Habits are not blunt reflexes

As philosopher John Dewey points out, habits are intelligently modified to the context because we see the environment in which habits have been encouraged in light of the vast habitual responses we can make to it.

Habits are then not blunt reflexes but a wellspring of possible responses to our environment.


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Once upon a time can happen any time.

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Primitive Reflexes

As infants we have in our DNA the moro reflex and the palmar grasp reflex. These are reflexes that develop while we were in the womb and lasts until we are at 3-6 months of age.

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Learning = Habits

Learning = Habits

We know that learning is about knowledge, information, and skills; while habits are routines, behaviors, and actions. But the two are actually quite similar to each other.

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Rearrange the Environment

Rearrange the Environment

'Environment is the invisible hand that shapes human behavior.'

Habits become easy to perform when you do that thing in a particular place everyday. Create your environment in such a way that the CUE will be better visible to you. 

Gradually, the habits become associated not w...

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