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Benefits of Productive Meditation

  • Ability to deeply contemplate and work through your top challenges
  • Helps in directing and focusing your attention
  • Trains you to ignore distractions
  • Practice leads to develop Deep Thinking abilities


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The role of biases in decision-making

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Achieve More In Less Time

Achieve More In Less Time

When you leave room for long period of complex thinking with no distractions you are on to something.

Deep work is the practice of focusing on a complex task over an uninterrupted period.

  • Eliminating distractions and practicing deep work is a key to great achie...

Basic Steps Of The Meditation Technique

Basic skills that make up a meditation technique:

  • Directing your attention/focus
  • Relaxing
  • Not getting upset with distractions
  • Noticing of subtle sensations in the body
  • Allowing things to unfold without any in...

Concentration meditation

Concentration meditation involves focusing on a single point. 

In this form of meditation, you simply refocus your awareness on the chosen object of attention each time you notice your mind wandering. Through this process, your ability to concentrate improves.

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