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Not emptying your brain

Keeping too much information in your head can make you think you are in control, even when that's not true.

Keep a notebook where you can empty your mind from any ideas or to-dos, before starting the day.


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Productivity tips and tricks are my jam.

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Mind's perspective bias - Where does our mind like to focus?

Mind's perspective bias - Where does our mind like to focus?

Research shows, when we just let our mind wander, it goes to 3 main places: past, present, & future.

But we think of the past only 12% the time (in that too we are often recalling ideas), 28% we think of present, and thoughts of the future takes up 48% of the time. The remaining 12...

Not Thinking Through Your Motivation

Before you start your habit change, think through your motivations. Why are you doing this? What will keep you going when you forget your reasons?

Public commitment is a big motivator, but you should have internal ones too. Write these down in your plan.

Your brain tires out

Your brain tires out

If you’re exercising your brain by doing any sort of problem-solving, or important decision-making, then you’re limited in how much you can effectively accomplish in a day.

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