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A relationship ended

Less than 1% of people who met 'the one' lived happily ever after and never experience a breakup. Even that 1% will have that relationship end at some point when either side passes away. 

Solution: Your heart will get broken, just don't let it stay that way. Grow and move on. Find yourself, and the heart will be ready for love again.





Some failures in life hurt more than others and can't be solved with inspiration.

Solution: Seek real help. These dark thoughts must be treated, and seeking professional help through counselling is often the best.

Countless studies have shown that money isn't what your life's about. As humans, we seek meaning and love. It doesn't mean money doesn't matter, just that it shouldn't be our primary focus.

Solution: A lack of money is a gift. When you don't have money, you bec...

Just because you've set a goal doesn't mean that you will reach it. The best feeling about reaching a goal is the journey it took to get there. If all your goals were easy, then you'd feel nothing at the end of the process. 

Solution: Take the goal you did...

There are so many common fears — fear of spiders, flying, public speaking, dying, career change, heights and maybe even a fear of expressing yourself.

Solution: Fear is conquerable. It is one of the reasons we love stories of battling with fear. Don't let the f...

We're all going to get into situations with the best intentions or have all the experience in the world and still make a mess of it.

Solution: Making a fool of yourself is a sign of courage. Making an idiot of yourself is accepting that you might fail in the sh...

Car, home or other material possessions. None of these material things that got messed up is joining you in the afterlife. 

Solution: What is important is that you don't get messed up. Take care of yourself so you can take care of others. When your junk ge...

Our health has become a real problem. We wonder why we feel tired, sick and get headaches. We’ll all experience health challenges at some point in our life. Most health challenges we experience in our younger years are because of the wrong food and lack of exercise.


If you want to make a dent in this world, the critics will come out of the closet. The bigger your aspirations are, the more you'll be criticized. 

Solution: You can't please everybody you meet. Critics are not all bad. Instead of being afraid, learn from ...

Your career is going to get messed up at some point. Things that you can't predict now are going to happen. 

  • The business you founded could go backwards and even bankrupt. 
  • Your career skills could become outdated.
  •  You could get fired for making a mista...

There are moments where nothing makes sense. We’re not born with a meaning for our life. Instead, meaning comes from learning who we are and growing as a person. 

Solution: A short term solution is to experiment with helping those who have nothing. The gre...

You wake up. You eat. You go to work. You eat. You come home. You eat. You go to bed. Days can feel the same when there's no purpose behind what you're doing.

Solution: Find joy in the repetition by making them mean something. Add some variety by breaking your ...

Death is the one life problem we all have in common and can’t solve. 

Death can be our greatest motivator if we let it. Use your life to do something that gives you meaning, and then you’ll no longer see death as a problem. 

Every relationship you have is a choice. People around us can hold us back and fill our minds with limiting beliefs or stories.

Solution: Everyone deserves a second chance. Start by telling your toxic friends how you feel. Give them a chance to change with the ...

77% of people in the US experience regular stress. Stress can lead to brain fog, tiredness and a lack of mental clarity. 

Solution: We need less to destress.

  • Declutter your home and office.
  • Say no to more meetings....

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Take the goal you didn’t achieve and try a different approach. Doing the same thing over and over to achieve your goal is the definition of insanity.

Your heroes miss their goals too. What makes them stand out is that they don’t give up. The fun of goal-setting is knowing that you’ll...




  • If you haven’t already, ask for their business card.
  • Ask for their name and pretend you just didn't know their last name.
  • Introduce the person to a friend and hope they introduce themselves.
  • Admit you've got a terrible memory, but it's awesome if the other person ...




“Toxic” People

Usually, such people think negatively, are self-centered, hypercritical, communicating with ulterior motives and life. Toxic people make you feel uncomfortable, guilty, and frustrated, and can ruin your motivation.

Self-esteem and motivation are dependent on your environment. Anal...