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Wackiness means there are people who just think differently. They have ideas that would raise an eyebrow when they talk about them. It doesn’t necessarily mean that these are the best ideas — they’re just different. 

But different ideas are easy to come up with, and these people can understand how this weird, wacky idea can be created, and what the logic is behind it.


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We're full of ideas we’re not aware of

We're full of ideas we’re not aware of

You don’t talk about these ideas, because you’ve never put them into words. They’re just gut feelings.

Turning gut feelings into tools means understanding their origin, limits, and how they interact with other ideas. Which requires turning them int...

Seek to understand

People tend to disagree when they don't understand each other. That does not mean you have to agree, just that you're open to hearing them out.

When you come to an understanding that most of us are more alike then we are different, you can begin to tolerate and accommodate--even appr...

Breakfast As the Most Important Meal

Breakfast means breaking your fast. It doesn’t mean early morning meal. Some people are just not hungry when they wake up. Forcing them to eat breakfast leads to unnecessary calorie consumption.

Be aware of your own behavior and decide whether eating breakfast is a good idea or not.

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