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Filter OEO's, Don't Block Them

Filter OEO's, Don't Block Them

Once you filter out the noise of (opinions, expectations, obligations) oeo's, you will see the world through different eyes. The next step is to bring the world back in. When I ask you to strip away external influences, I don't want you to tune out the whole world indefinitely :)




published ideas from this book:


Leaves sprout, transform, drop. Reptiles, birds and mammals shed their skins, feathers, fur. Letting go is a big part of the rhythm of nature, as is rebirth.

We humans cling to materialistic stuff - letting those things go is a direct route to space (literally) and stillness. We s...

I wanted to grow as a person. I didn't want to know humanity or compassion and empathy only as abstract concepts, I wanted to live them. I didn't want discipline, character, and integrity to just be things I read about. I wanted to live them 💗

The monks think of their ashram as a hospital, where they all are patients. They were all there to heal. To get better and healthier.

Everyone has different sicknesses, everyone is still learning, and just as we would not judge anyone else's health problem, we shouldn't judge someone who s...

Once we begin to neutralize the external tendencies, we become able to see our own negativity. Internal negativity Envy, complaint, anger.

The only competition you should do is to outstrip each other in showing love and respect

The more we define ourselves to the re...

The only thing that stays with you from the moment you're born until the moment you die is your breath. When you get stressed-what changes? Your breath. When you get angry-what changes? Your breath. We experience every emotion with the change of our breath.

Every day we are assaulted by negativity; no wonder we can't help but dish it out as well as receive it. This negativity is not part of anyone's plan of the day. What can we do then?

Rather than focusing on the negative, we can focus on the small joys of the day instead :)


If you wanted to know how to dominate the basketball court, you might turn to Michael Jordan; if you wanted to innovate, you might investigate Elon musk; you might study Beyoncè to learn how to perform. If you want to train your mind to find peac...

-fearlessness, purity of mind, gratitude, service and charity, acceptance, performing sacrifice, deep study, austerity, straightforwardness, nonviolence, truthfulness, absence of anger, renunciation, perspective, restraint from fault finding, compassion toward all living beings, satisfaction, gen...

Whenever we make a choice, whether it's big or small, we as driven by our values. If these choices work well for us, then our values are in alignment with our actions. But when things don't work out, it's worth revisiting what drove the decision you made.

Observer: We step away and look at the situation as if we are not in the middle of it. Negativity is a trait, not someone's identity.

Back away: Once you are in a stage where you can understand the situation, back away from negativity.

The 25...

If you know your values, you have directions that point you towards people and actions and habits that are best for you

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When there is harmony between the mind,heart,and resolution then nothing is impossible




Let your purpose guide you

Have strong values and principles (dharma) in your life. You protect your dharma and your dharma will protect you. We can have multi-faceted principles and it is okay if they overlap each other. Often times, we may find ourselves being distracted or diverted away from our dharma. Jay Shetty asks ...




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