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Little guide to improving life

  1. Sleep well: Give your mind and body the rest it needs to bring out your superpowers. Have a strict routine for sleep. Remove distractions, ditch that phone. Been there done that. Go to the next level, get a good mattress/pillow.
  2. Workout: Yes, sweat it out. No, tomorrow is not a good day to start. Today is the day. Pick whatever you want sports, yoga, running, gym. Whatever suits you/your routine. Don’t have time to do the 7 minutes. Don’t have 7 minutes. Do the 4 minutes.
  3. Meditate Wooooh! Haven’t tested this but all the masters say this is the way. You can carve your own way. But give it a go. You don’t have to take everything in at once. Take one step.
  4. Gratitude: Every day takes note of what you are thankful for. Thanks for them doodles Google. There are a ton of apps to help you document this. You will be surprised.
  5. Deep Work: Boy! so much to do, so little time. How to get the most out of it. Here is a link to something I prepared a while back. Most of the content is from Learning how to learn, Deep work, and how to learn anything in 20 hours.


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Lifelong Learner. Trying to collect thoughts in my writing.

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