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"Innocence is not ignorance. It's about believing in something unseen."



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Elements of intrinsic motivation

The 3 elements required for intrinsic motivation:

  • Autonomy: it's about choice - when you believe you have a choice, you're more motivated.
  • Mastery: it's about wanting to get better at something that matters.
  • Purpose: it comes from believing you're w...

Strategic ignorance

Strategic ignorance is not about being closed-minded. It's knowing what you want.

It's realizing how easy a person can be derailed. You even avoid amazing situations that you know is really a distraction. You create boundaries and live your priorities and values and dream...

The Benefits Of Belief Are Not An Argument For God

The Benefits Of Belief Are Not An Argument For God

Believing in a God may have lots of benefits. Atheists may be more neurotic compared to theists. But this, Watts believes, is not an argument for God. Because the lack or neuroticism does not prove the God hypothesis

Another way to look at it is to say that “If ignora...

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