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Roger Penrose proposed that the brains's neural system forms an intricate network and that the consciousness this produces should obey the rules of quantum mechanics. Laws of quantum mechanics only apply at looooooooooow temperatures. Ex- quantum computers work at -272 degree celsius.

Each neuron contains mocrotubules, helps in transport.. Penrose (and Hameroff) say that these microtubules are arranged in fractal pattern which enables quantum processes to occur.


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Dark matter, theory of relativity, dark energy, negative mass, end of the universe, The Big Bang, 'What is beyond the universe?' etc. If you love such things, Welcome to your home.'

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Penrose and Hameroff were met with incredulity. Quantum mechanical laws are usually only found to apply at very low temperatures . Quantum computers, for example, currently operate at around

Scientists think consciousness is generated by quantum physics.

Scientists think consciousness is generated by quantum physics.

One of the most important open questions in science is how our consciousness is established. In the 1990s, long before winning the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics for his prediction of black holes, physicist Roger Penrose tea...

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Our brains are composed of cells called neurons, and their combined activity is believed to generate consciousness. Each neuron contains microtubules, which transport substances to different parts of the cel...

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