6. Freedom Writers - Deepstash
6. Freedom Writers

6. Freedom Writers

This is just a perfect movie for those students who are finding it hard studying in their early life.

It is a story of a young teacher who inspires her students to work hard despite the hardships, some struggling to get finance and even marriage problems.


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An Oral medicine And Oral Radiology specialist Working for a better tomorrow.

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The Mind of Leonardo da Vinci

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Leonardo da Vinci's creative process

How to approach problem-solving like da Vinci

The importance of curiosity and observation

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11. The Great Debaters

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Debaters should be perfect in languages...

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Choosing college majors

Here's the cliche advice: Follow your passion.

But there are several problems with this advice. 

1. Sometimes passion is not the main priority. It's money.

Some students are breadwinners. They go to school to help their poverty-stricken families...

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