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4) Private messages = 1-on-1 marketing communications

4) Private messages = 1-on-1 marketing communications

Private messaging on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp, and many other platforms is something that most marketers have yet to take advantage of, except perhaps for direct messaging customers who could be posting sensitive info or otherwise need a 1-on-1 follow-up.

However, given the latest tech launches and popular platforms, users are starting to expect more of a custom experience even when communicating with huge brands. And community managers and other marketers need to understand and take advantage of that, by offering their own personalized interactions.




1) Social commerce, or sCommerce

Integrating online shopping and ecommerce into social media has been the logical next step for a long time, but it is only recently that has been done well and reached mainstream levels of adoption. People are now used to the idea of making purchases through their smartphones.

Including web-based sales, a component can encourage both sales and engagement. Selling a branded t-shirt.

sCommerce options don’t have to be limited to any one realm of social networking sales are not only possible through easily integrated into a site with one of many available web-store-building platforms.


2) Agility isn’t an option anymore, it is essential

The days of long waits for approval and multiple chains of command are over — for good. The speed of the social web means that marketers need to be empowered to act quickly and respond to relevant current events in order to be successful. And their bosses or managers need to trust them and give them the freedom to execute spontaneous or agile marketing campaigns.

The key to success, in this case, is clearly not content, but response time and relevancy. These factors successfully made an okay tagline into something great.


6) Understand the changes that social media has brought about

The speed at which the social media world moves can be dizzying; and at times, it may seem like that all you can do as a marketer is keep up. However, that’s not enough. Being ahead of the trends and innovating yourself can be what makes all the difference for your company, or the brands you work on.

New digital technologies are making starting your own business easier than ever.


About Social Media And Online Marketing

That said, the social media marketing realm is as dependent on the constant change as the social media landscape itself. Designing a successful online brand depends not only on compelling ideas but equally on adaptability.

Without a dynamic brand, users of new and upcoming, or even outdated social networks will be outside the reach of your brand. This is why understanding a few different aspects of the current social media landscape is key to online marketing success.



3) Content is king

And long live the king. Content marketing has been an important part of online marketing for years, but its value continues to increase and it is hardly something that anyone in the online advertising world can afford to ignore anymore. Creating the type of content whether it is a blog post, video, images, infographic, social media post, or anything else that inspires users to pass it on to their own social networks is quickly becoming the most important method of marketing in general.


5) Mobile payments via branded platforms

Allowing your customers to interact with your brand on mobile is the first step; whether it is through your own app, a third-party application, or simply a mobile browser. Furthermore, if it is applicable setting up mobile payment options can be a huge convenience to your customers.

In fact, being able to buy online can help you build a more solid and lasting relationship with your existing and future clientele. Almost everyone appreciates the convenience.


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A/B testing, also known as split testing, measures two social media posts against each other to see which performs best.

The most common way of using A/B tests is to only change one element of the post between the two versions (headline, image, CTA, etc) so that you know any difference in performance is because of that change. 

You can A/B test with both organic and paid posts.




“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”



Studies show that the younger demographic wants restricted, private, secure and exclusive networks which cannot be thronged by unwanted people, like their parents.
These exclusive online social places can be termed as digital campfires, and are mainly in the domains of private messaging, micro-communities and shared experiences.