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Hardening Parable

Now back to the problem of parables. The function of parable ...

  • - To show that something is possible, it's that simple
  • - Later, over time, with the axiom, the parable will frozen

Suddenly hard stiffness cannot be turned from a different direction.



An example is even simpler, very familiar in everyday life ... "don't hurt if you don't want to be hurt. You hurt, definitely you'll get it back, right? This can be denied ... "if my friend is hurt he doesn't fight back, such patience"

Now here we need to understand the function of the parable which is not actually the equivalent of the one being compared


This is what happened to the atheists. They argue against theists with illustrations, then when denied by theists, they stretch the illustrations, likewise theists who are caught in the game unfold the illustrations, because it can be stretched - it's just illustration.

Simple example, the round one is more slippery than the jagged one. For example: an egg is smoother than a brick. This illustration is debatable

There will be no end, then what is the use of a parable if it creates circular - unfinished - wasting time debate? It represents our weakness when it comes to data shortages.


Then how to harden the parable so that even though it is flexible it remains strong. So that we ourselves are not trapped by the rubber game in logic?

Here an axiom is required to be accompanied by a parable. As thought goes on, we will see the right angle to the parable which is in harmony with reality. How could this happen?

How can a flexible one look hard and stay flexible? The parable must be accompanied by axioms ...


That is why the enlightened people, they are confused in facing situations that are different from the everyday dimension. There were gaps but those were facts. Their mind demanded an explanation for themselves.

Then they searched for parables for themselves. Sadly ... They were also trapped by flexible parables


Twisting The Idea

Every illustration is refutable. Why? Because it's just an illustration.

They thought they were philosophizing, but it's just twisting parable, stretching it, modifying it. They're not philosophizing, they were playing Lego .


An example is even simpler, very familiar in everyday life ... "don't hurt if you don't want to be hurt. You hurt, definitely you'll get it back, right? This can be denied ... "if my friend is hurt he doesn't fight back, such patient"

We wanted to describe the wonderful atmosphere of the vacation spot we just visited. We tried to explain to people who have never visited, then we did using everyday examples known to that person so they could imagine how we felt, but somehow they didn't like the example then they refused to understand. hehe


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Slicing Infinitely

Is it possible to define that infinite become part of limitation?

Axiomatically, that the infinite can’t be contained by the finite. What is covered can’t be more than what covers it.

However, there is issue that there is no impossibility of boundless limitations.


The Parable Of The Burning House

A fire broke out in the house of a wealthy man. He tried to warn the children inside the burning house but they were too absorbed in their games to pay attention to him or the flames.

Then, the wealthy man shouted there were incredible toys outside. And the children rushed out. Relieved, the wealthy man gave the kids even better toys than the ones he had mentioned.